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Design your own logo in just a few steps with our free Logo Creator. Use a logo to make your business memorable, build trust, and boost your reputation.

Example of a logo idea for a beauty salon called Kintsugi generated with the Jimdo Logo Creator
Example of an NGO logo for a charity called Goodwork
A business logo example for FFWD Solutions made with the Jimdo Logo Creator
Example of a fitness logo for Fox Yoga studio

Top 5 logo creator features

Do more than just create your free logo. Design it, download it, and use it on all your platforms. Free.

  • Free high-quality file formats to download.

  • Resized logos for your social media profiles.

  • 100% customizable color combinations.

  • Huge library of fonts and icons.

  • Full usage rights are yours! No license fees.

A self-employed person sitting at their desk trying to design a logo
A screenshot showing the selection of icons and colors available when using Jimdo's free logo maker

Design your logo by lunchtime

Stop waiting for the right time or the cash for a designer. We'll get you to a professional business logo that you can use today. Choose an icon, pick a font and colors, then use your high-quality logo online and in print. Done.

Business logo examples
to inspire you

Need modern logo ideas to match your business? See what’s possible with a little inspiration.

A company logo example for Nörd Brewery made with the Jimdo Logo Creator.
Example of a logo with a name and a small icon for the business Gron Mode
Example of a company logo with a small icon and the business name Greyson Consult
Example of a construction company logo for Novak Repairs followed by a cog icon
Example of a modern logo made up of a circular icon and the words Skate Mate below
A good logo example for the company Northbound including a simple icon of a hiker and their business name
Example of a pharmacy logo made with the Jimdo Logo Creator
Logo inspiration for a joinery company containing a wood flooring graphic followed by the name Kilck Joinery
Example of a fashion logo for the store Boutique Cécile made with the Jimdo Logo Creator
Example of a music logo with an illustration of the headstock of a guitar and the name Guitar Doc

How do I make my own logo?

  1. To make your free logo, enter your business name and choose a starting point for your design.
  2. Customize your own logo with an icon and layout that fits your style.
  3. Choose colors and a font that fit your business personality.
  4. Finished! Download your free logo in online and print formats.
A laptop screen showing the logo generator in the process of creating the FFWD logo

Your own logo makes it.

Get recognized on business cards, t-shirts, stickers, and posters with our free logo maker.

A laptop screen showing an example of logo and website design combined to make a professional website

Not online yet? We’ve got you covered.

Logo, meet website! With Jimdo, you can get a free logo and a matching website all in one place. So you can bring your business online with a professional digital presence today. Free.

4 pro tips to create your business logo

Keep it symbol

Busy logos with too many words, colors, or graphics are easy to forget. The best ones have just a few words or a simple symbol.

Be memorable

Use a bold icon or color in your logo. Customers will still remember eye-catching colors or imagery even if they forget your name.

Timeless, not trendy

Your logo represents you, not a moment in time. Choose something that can last and save on updates later.

Think versatile

Website, leaflets, store signs—your logo should look good everywhere. Whether that’s in black and white or in different sizes.

Make your business logo today.

Making a logo FAQ

  • It’s free! You don’t need to pay for a design or costly usage rights. Our Logo Creator helps you every step of the way to the perfect logo that makes your company look professional and trustworthy, with a brand that visitors recognize. We offer a variety of modern layouts and icons that fit every industry and have been designed by experts.

  • With the Jimdo Logo Creator, you can make your own logo in just a few steps. Choose from a large selection of icons, then choose your font and find the perfect color combination for your business logo.

    How to develop your logo
  • Yes! Unlike other services, the Jimdo Logo Creator does not have any license fees or usage fees. You can create as many personal or business logos as you want, download them for free, and use them wherever you like. Our free logos really are free. We offer the tool free of charge and hope you'll use it with our amazing website builder.

  • A business logo isn’t just for your website. With the Jimdo Logo Creator, you get all the downloadable logo files you'll need for different formats. That means you can use your business logo on social media, business cards, stationery, packaging, and signs.